Need for Speed Heat - 2019 - launch - preview photos - cars build In Real Life

Need for Speed Heat in real life launch #NFSHeat – Miami & London – photos underground –

07/11/2019 - Ewen LJ Team Principal DESIGNMOTEUR - Media -

EA a organisé une double soirée de lancement, here in MIA. & in LON. pour le titre Need for Speed Heat, célébrant le 25ème anniversaire de la série du jeu vidéo culte de la car-culture et de la custom automobile. Aperçu photos via IG stories so underground style:

« under the hood »

« As many of you may know, Speedhunters is powered by Electronic Arts (EA) and Need for Speed, and we’ve been working closely on the launch of the about-to-be-released NFS Heat.

Well, on Friday night, right after we landed in LA, we went straight up to SEKRIT STUDIOS in Hollywood to grab some shots of the just-finished car.
You might have seen this thing get taken from one of Khyzyl Saleem’s renders to reality over the past 30 days.

Personally, I love the Polestar 1 and am a massive fan of the way this has been executed. It’s absolutely fantastic to see the Need for Speed franchise walk the walk, as well as talking the talk, by bringing their latest video game cover car to life. »

Quote excerpt via SpeedHunters blogpost The 72 Hours Before SEMA